Prospective Graduate Students: Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Anthropology, Disability Studies within Anthro, and/or Japan Studies at Yale University should feel free to contact me either by e-mail. The photograph below shows some of the Japan anthropologists that have studied at Yale with Professor Kelly and myself. As you can see, we have had quite a number of doctoral students studying Japan anthropology which has made for a vibrant and exciting program.


Entering a PhD program in Anthropology is a tremendous commitment of time and energy on your part and on the part of the university and your graduate advisor. You should spend as much time as possible before you apply to programs both articulating why you want to enter a doctoral program as well as trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various programs that you want to apply to.

My senior Japan colleague at Yale, Professor

William Kelly, has an extensive description of what the Yale anthropology department is looking for in applicants, prospective doctoral students are strongly advised to read this as our program is quite selective. I've also written some blog entries about graduate programs in Japan Anthropology and doctoral/MA programs in Visual Anthropology and Deaf Studies/Disability Studies.

I welcome e-mail from prospective graduate students who want to work with me and encourage you to write early in the process.