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Karen Nakamura (blog)
Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology and East Asian Studies
Chair, LGBT Studies

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Fall 2014
169: Sex: An Anthropological Approach
941: Research Seminar on the Anthro of Japan

Spring 2015
On leave Spring 2015

Forthcoming and Previous...
169: Sex: A Five Field Approach
234: Disability and Culture
252: Intro to Visual Anthropology
254: Japan: Culture, Society Modernity
256: Minorities and Sexualities in Modern Japan
S283: Japanimation and Manga
287: Feminist Ethnographies
308: Queer Ethnographies
402: Visual Anthropology
501: Field Methods and Research Design
508: Queer Ethnographies
503: Ethnographic Writing and Representation

602: Visual Anthropology
941: Research Seminar on the Anthro of Japan

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